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Episode 17

Published on:

7th Oct 2020

How Do We Care for the Caregivers?

One in seven people in Singapore have experienced a mental disorder such as bipolar disorder or alcohol abuse in their lifetime. The second Singapore Mental Health Study (SMHS) initiated in 2016 and which was reported in Dec 2018 found that the top three mental disorders here were major depressive disorder, alcohol abuse and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  

One in 16 people in Singapore have depression at some point in their lives. How does this impact families? How kind of support do caregivers need?

Join our host, Aaron Ng, as he chats with Tan Yun Yun about her journey as a caregiver for her family member who was affected with issues with mental health. Hear how she coped with the struggles they faced and how that helped to also strengthen the relationships in the family.

Yun Yun is currently a full-time youth pastor at her church. Before working with young people, she used to work as a medical technologist. She is also an active volunteer mentor with the FamChamps movement - raising young family champions.

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