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Episode 58

Published on:

15th Jun 2022

Taking on the Top Mission of Fatherhood Ops

No man knows what parenthood has in store until he becomes a father. But before that moment arrives, is it possible for one to be ready for fatherhood? How can fathers embrace being a son, husband, father, and friend all at the same time?

Join our host, Chong Ee Jay, who chats with Isaac Tan, a father of a daughter, with another on the way! Speaking of strong foundations for one's journey of fatherhood, Isaac shares about the relationship with his father, reflects on his own relationship with his wife, and discusses how dads grow in community with fellow dads - all of which points to the fact that fatherhood is a journey not meant to be taken alone.


This Father's Day, we want to thank dads for bravely answering and committing to the Call of Daddy: Fatherhood Ops!

From 10 to 20 June, Focus on the Family Singapore's Father's Day Campaign will feature the following free resources for dads and families:

  • Compilation of stories by dads for dads
  • Digital Resource for dads and kids
  • IG Reel series for laughs and learning

Head to www.family.org.sg/CallofDaddy for more information!


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