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Episode 13

Published on:

12th Aug 2020

Navigating Differences: Getting Married During COVID-19

Marriage is a joining of lives, of experience, of expectations, of extended families and hoped for extension to families. With literally two different worlds coming together, what happens opinions clashes or way of life differs enough to become annoyance?

Join host, Aaron Ng, as he chats with Joshua Yee and his fiancée, Joy Lim, about their upcoming wedding and how they have managed the various changes in the past few months during this period of COVID-19.

Joshua works in the civil service as a transformation planning officer. He prefers cooking, some sports, and the occasional piano tune.

Joy is in marketing & design at an events management company. She is into making all things beautiful through sewing, drawing, painting, and learning languages.

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Disclaimer: This episode was recorded remotely as we play our part to keep Singapore safe during this season of COVID-19. The audio quality may be slightly affected during the online recording.

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