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Episode 12

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23rd Jul 2020

Navigating New Norms

A family is constantly changing and growing because it is made up of people who are constantly changing and growing. As children grow up, they change physically and in their interests and values. Parents also experience changes in their physical body, work and even relationships with people outside the family. As each person changes and grows, the family atmosphere and dynamics may change. In recent months, external events like COVID-19 have also forced change upon us. 

Join Joanna Koh-Hoe, CEO of Focus on the Family as she speaks with mother and daughter, Kaimei and Christie Lim on navigating change and the new normal. 

Kaimei and her husband have 3 boys and 1 daughter - Christie is 18 this year. Both Kaimei and Christie are actively involved in mentoring youths as part of the FamChamps movement, to empower youth to build strong relationships with their own family and champion for strong families in the community. Recently, the family had also fostered a 4-year-old girl. 

We live in times that are challenging and unpredictable, but with the right help, we can emerge stronger and more resilient. Find out more on about our online counselling at

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Disclaimer: This episode was recorded remotely as we play our part to keep Singapore safe during this season of COVID-19. The audio quality may be slightly affected during the online recording.

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