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Episode 5

Older Dad to Newer Dad: What Your Wife (And Marriage) Needs After Having a Baby

Caring for a newborn can be one of the most stressful times a married couple experiences. But it can also be a very rewarding experience when you stay focused on your marital needs and take intentional steps to keep your marriage strong.

Join Aaron Ng for a heart-to-heart conversation with Joshua Liong and Raphael Zhang on what our wives really need after having a baby, and how to keep your marriage strong with a newborn added to the family.

Older dad, Joshua Liong, has spent the past decade speaking to parents and equipping them in the area of relationships, media literacy and values formation. As a certified parent coach, he was also involved in the Malaysian government’s development of parenting programs and national family policies.

Newer dad, Raphael Zhang, graduated with a Masters in English and was about to further his studies when his heart was drawn to issues affecting the family. He enjoys reading and writing, and believes there is no such thing as having too many books.

Focus on the Family Singapore is conducting a short 5-min survey to better understand the challenges and needs mums are experiencing today. Your response will be invaluable in helping us advocate and provide better support for mums in Singapore. Share with us your thoughts today at this link.

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